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The Ultimate Catholic Baptism Gift Guide

Buying a baptism gift is difficult. Pastel pink and blue crosses tend to date themselves, and don't seem meaningful. So the question becomes, what is a GREAT Baptism gift? And if you're the godparent, the pressure is truly on, but don't you worry. This is the guide for you. No matter the child (or the parent for that matter), there's bound to be something for every newborn in your life.

1) Holy Water Bottle ($10 - $30) - Collect the holy water from the child's baptism into a holy water bottle, and it makes a great gift! They even make personalized bottles to commemorate this particularly special occasion like this one. Others have images of Mary or Jesus. You can even personalize it by choosing a bottle with an image of the saint who is the child's namesake such as St. Michael the Archangel or St. Anthony of Padua.

2) Scapular Onesie ($15) - Is there anything more adorable than a baby wearing the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel? With sizes up to 24 months and five different patterns available, you truly can't go wrong. FInd all the most adorable scapular onesies here.

3) Teething Rosary ($16 - $38) These teething rosaries are FANTASTIC. Their softness makes them great for soothing and quiet in Church. They even make small budget friendly saints bracelets!

4) Personalized Guardian Angel Print ($10 - $14) This personalized print of the Guardian Angel Prayer is perfect for any child’s room. You can customize the child’s name on the print making it a great reminder that their guardian angel is watching over them!

5) Holy Night Light ($25 - $60) - A beautiful night light with an image of Our Lady or St. Michael the Archangel is able to grow with the child. As they get older, they can feel protected at night knowing they are being wrapped in Mary's mantle and protected by St. Michael the Archangel. They also come in a Victorian stand version that is GORGEOUS (St. Michael the Archangel version here).

6) Catholic Swaddles ($28) - These swaddles come in three gorgeous patterns: St. Francis, Our Lady of Guadeloupe, and the Sacred Heart. Is there anything better than seeing a sweet baby wrapped in love of Mary, Jesus, and the saints? I think not...

7) Plush Saint Dolls ($25 - $60) - This one is especially great for little girls. A sweet saint doll can grow with them and they can learn the stories about that particular saint! It’s even better if you can get the doll in the child’s Saint namesake. There are several shops with BEAUTIFUL dolls. Check out SilverSpoon, Marzipantz, and Marek Made for some unique and wonderful saint dolls!

8) Baptism Candles ($20) - The Baptism candle is needed anyway, so why not gift a custom candle to make it more unique? This would need to be given before the Baptism, but it would be so sentimental and special.

9) Apostle Spoon ($118) - This is an old tradition that we would love to bring back. Silver spoons with a figure of one of the apostles used to be given by godparents to their godchild, especially the apostles of whom the child shared the name of. You can read more about it here. You can still find some and they are a beautiful heirloom to pass down.

10) Mass Enrollment ($15/ year or $150/perpetual membership) - There is no better gift than the gift of a Mass (or many Masses). Did you know some orders allow you to enroll a loved one for a daily Mass intention? This means Masses will perpetually (or for a one year membership) be said for that person daily. They can be a little pricier, but are a particularly impactful gift, especially when given from a godparent.

11) Saint Statues of the Child's namesake (varies) - I personally love giving gifts that are meaningful to the child’s name. There are so many saint statues and images that are beautiful and can be used to decorate the child’s room. These gifts can forever grow with the child and become a part of their own home even as they reach adulthood one day. Some of my favorite places to shop for them are the EWTN catalogue, the Catholic Company, or Holy Art.

We hope this roundup helped inspire your next Baptism gift purchase! Be sure to have the gift blessed by a priest (either before or after the baptism). Sound off on your favorite and go-to Baptism gifts in the comments!

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